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Signage Request Instructions

When signage is needed, please forward a request in writing on your Company Letterhead and forward it to the Cushman & Wakefield Management Office. Please see the Sample Letter on the next page.

Once the letter is received in the Management Office, it will be forwarded to the signage company and they will in turn create a proposal / specification sheet for your approval. The proposal package will be forwarded to Management.

Once Management has looked it over, the proposal package will be forwarded to the Client for approval. The Client will be required to approve and sign the proposal that will depict what the signage will look like after production. Please make sure to check for spelling errors before signing the proposal. The signage company is not responsible for the costs to make new and corrected signage if the error is the fault of the Client.

Once the proposal is approved, please forward it to Management and it will be forwarded to the signage company for production.

When the signage is completed, delivered and installed the invoice will be sent to Management and paid. The costs for the signage will then show up on your monthly rent statement as an over standard charge.

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