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Disability Assistance
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Assisting Those with Physical Disabilities

California Code of Regulations Title 19 Section 3.09(d)5(b)
"Assure that the requirements of subsection (d)(4)(F)," procedures to identify and assist the non-ambulatory and physically disabled" are accomplished as follows:

  1. Hotel, motels and lodging houses shall maintain at the registration desk a list noting the guest rooms assigned to physically disabled guests who have special emergency evacuation requirements. The Inn-keeper shall provide a place on the registration form so that guests may be identified who may require special emergency evacuation because of a physical disability.

  2. Owner(s) or operator(s) of building shall maintain a list of all permanent building tenants who have disabilities. Building owner(s) shall be notified in writing by those who have disabilities.

  3. Information provided in the list shall include any special emergency evacuation needs and permanent work location of such physically disabled persons. The list shall be located in the Building Managers office.

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