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Emergency Communications
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Emergency communications take place via two-way radios, pagers, telephones, and cellular phones.

Cellular Phones

The Property Manager, Assistant Property Manager, and Chief Engineer have 24-hour cellular phones. After regular business hours, Security will contact these persons on their home telephone first. If the member being called is not at home, Security will proceed with calling the individual via cellular phone.

Two-Way Radios

Security, Engineering, Management, and Janitorial staffs all carry two-way radios to conduct normal daily business. If an emergency arises, these radios are the primary means of coordinating the response.

Public Address System

The public address (EVAC) system is designed to cover one floor, any combination of floors, or the entire Building. The system is controlled through the Fire Panel, located in the Fire Control Room. An emergency announcement can be manually sent over the system to give Clients and all Building Occupants specific details and instructions of an emergency. This system is only used in the event of an emergency, testing notifications, or a drill.

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