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Floor Warden Manuals
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Each building Floor Warden Manual was prepared by F-11 Productions in cooperation with the Building Management and the Glendale Fire Department to help ensure the safety of our building's occupants in the event of an emergency.

The Floor Response Team Manual, which is part of the Floor Warden Manual is also part of the Emergency Plan. It is designed to instruct all Suite Wardens, Floor Wardens and Monitors on the correct procedures to be followed during a fire, earthquake, bomb threat or medical emergency and their duties as wardens and monitors. This manual can also be used to assist the Suite/Floor Wardens and Monitors in the training of all occupants.

The Floor Warden Manual contains EMERGENCY INFORMATION including emergency telephone numbers and Building Emergency Personnel and the building's evacuation policy; information on the BUILDING'S EMERGENCY SYSTEMS; GENERAL INFORMATION on fire, fire prevention, earthquake, bomb threats, medical emergencies and fire equipment; pre-emergency plans and emergency actions for all members of the FLOOR RESPONSE TEAM; and information on the required FIRE DRILLS.

Please take time to review your building's Floor Warden Manual.

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