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Power Failure

Electrical power to the Buildings is provided by Glendale Water & Power. Each of the buildings’
power is on a separate grid.

The buildings are served by two separate utility sources of power 1) City Power and 2) Emergency Generator Power. Therefore, if partial power is lost, emergency lighting will be supplied from our emergency back-up generator. The emergency generator serves exit signs, stairwells and intermittent lights on the floors etc.

If you should experience a power failure, follow these procedures:

  • Remain calm.
  • Notify the Cushman & Wakefield Management Office by calling (818) 553-6724. Inform them of the floor and suite where you are located. A Public Announcement will be made if the power failure is a local problem.
  • If it becomes necessary to evacuate the Building, a Public Announcement will also be made to inform you of the procedures to follow during evacuation.
  • If you are informed that the problem is Building-wide, follow the directions you are given over the Public Announcement System.
  • While our stairs are well illuminated from our emergency generator, we recommend you not attempt to use the stairways without a flashlight. If total power is lost, the stairwell will become dark and hazardous.
  • Once you have evacuated the Building, you will not be allowed to re-enter the building until full power has been restored and/or the building has been re-opened by Management.
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