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Move In and Move Out Procedures
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Clients are responsible for moving all supplies, furniture, fixtures and other personal property into, within and out of the Building. To ensure a smooth move, the following rules should be complied with:


The Cushman & Wakefield Management Office shall receive an Access Request Form listing the date of the move, the name of the movers, specific times associated with the move, etc. Designating a Client representative to coordinate with the Cushman & Wakefield Management Office on the specifics of the move is helpful.

Freight Elevator / Loading Dock Reservation

Clients and their moving company must make arrangements with the Cushman & Wakefield Management Office for use of the freight elevator prior to move-in and move-out and must also complete the Access Request Form. Reservations for the freight elevator should be made Monday through Friday before 4:00 PM and at least 48 hours ahead of the time needed. The freight elevator reservation cost is $30.00 per hour with a four-hour minimum charge. Please refer to the Freight Elevator section for more information. It is important that the Access Request Form be completed and forwarded to the Cushman & Wakefield Management Office as soon as possible to ensure the desired date is reserved.

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