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Rules and Regulations
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Disturbances, Hazards and Nuisances

Client shall not use the Premises in any manner that unreasonably interferes with the operations of the other Clients of the Building, through the creation of noise, odors or otherwise. Clients shall not cause or maintain any nuisance in the Premises or the Building, and shall keep the Premises free from items of a noxious nature or which creates a fire hazard (through undue load on electrical circuit or otherwise) or other hazard, or which cause unreasonable heat or vibration. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Client shall not use any sound equipment in such a manner that is can be heard outside the Premises.


Client shall maintain window coverings on all windows in the Premises so that the Building presents a uniform exterior appearance, and shall not install any shades, screens, drapes or other materials on any window without the Landlord’s prior written consent. Client shall keep window coverings closed while they are exposed to the direct rays of the sun.

Plumbing Fixtures

Client shall not use any plumbing fixtures for any purpose for which they are not intended, nor shall water be wasted by tampering with any such fixtures.

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