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Telephone Closets

Individual Client phone switches may not be placed in phone rooms. Any equipment installed on a given floor requires prior approval from Cushman & Wakefield Building Management. No other equipment (computer or otherwise) or materials are allowed in these rooms. These telephone rooms are not designed for network data and communications centers requiring environmental controls and dry and clean conditions. Because these rooms are common access areas and core drilling and wire pulling for multiple users is a necessary ongoing activity, sensitive equipment stored in these rooms is vulnerable. The equipment is best kept in a separate safe area within your premises where cleanliness, temperature and security can be controlled.

A Telephone Room / Closet Access Request is required to request entry to your floor phone room, other floor phone rooms or the main phone room. Please note any request / requirement to pull riser wiring and / or core drilling must be pre-approved at least five working days prior to scheduled work. This will allow Building Management the time needed to notify other tenants of the scheduled intrusion.

The main MPOE phone room for both buildings is located at 400 N. Brand’s loading dock area. Transition conduit is run horizontally between 400 into 450 N. Brand’s main telephone room (located on the ground floor next to the service elevator lobby) where the vertical risers terminate. An access memo is required to request entry to any of these phone rooms.

Insurance compliance must be verified with Building Management prior to scheduling any work.

If you require additional information regarding phone installation, please contact Building Management at 818.553.6724.

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